MASTERPIECES cut a large pipe practicing dance amazing flexibility Fat Man jump on board


Memorize the image order. After you memorized the order of images, you need to rebuild them in the next screen.   TO PLAY ONLINE GO HERE

cut a large pipe

Clip of the workers had to cut a large pipe is.. . . In this clip large tube construction worker aims to cut down on its own, It is clear that he is very skilled, Cut the pipe, the pipe is suddenly interrupted for a time and working on it is hopelessly, And falls, Workers […]

practicing dance

A clip of a girl who is practicing dance . . . In this clip see a girl who was trying to do the dance with a rod of iron, And was actually starting to dance, and Bars and rounds played, The bar suddenly appear on earth and she falls to the ground, It ‘s […]

amazing flexibility

I have a question,this guy is a bone in the body? . . . A video of a black man who does extraordinary exercises, This guy is really fantastic, Her body is amazing flexibility, The moves came a wonder everyone does it, Be sure to see the wonderful work of fellow, In the following 45 […]

Fat Man jump on board

Wow so cool . . A clip of a fat man that ‘s been able to dive into the water and want to jump on board. . . This clip is really so funny and super fun,any body does’nt say him it’s not your job,maybe you hurt yourself, Jump in the pool for those skinny […]